We knew that going to a new school in a different country was going to be challenging for Olive, but we did not expect that the walk to school would be a part of that.

We chose to stay at Bali T House as it was within walking distance from the school. We found out once we were here that it is only within walking distance if you take the shortcut!

Path to School
down the path to school

The walk, including the shortcut, involves walking along our village street trying to stay clear of the barking dogs, dashing across the main road that travels between Ubud and Denpasar, taking a narrow muddy path through a forest, negotiating a narrow stone bridge across a river and walking up through a temple to the school. It takes about 10-15 minutes.

creek crossing
There are many challenges for Olive on the way to school.

Often there is more to see at the river crossing. This place is a communal spot for washing clothes, bathing and swimming. A few times we have had to make some extra noise as we approach so that the naked men have time to at least turn and try to cover themselves.

classroom at  Pelangi School
Olive’s new classroom at Pelangi School

It is no surprise that Olive loves the walk to and from school, it’s one of the highlights of her day. The school has been great so far, she is really enjoying it, which makes life easier for us all.

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