We’re off to Bali

We have finally made the decision to move to Bali. It is not a decision that has been taken lightly, though to many of our friends and family it has come out of the blue. I don’t expect that many people are that surprised, we do not tend to stay in one place for too long. We have wanted for a long time to travel and live in another country, it has just taken a while for us to find the right time and place to do it.

Kite Flyers in Sanur, 2012

Kite Flyers in Sanur, 2012

Now that we have made the decision and to purchased flights and accommodation, it is full steam ahead. There is only a few months for us to sort out and pack up our life here in Perth. During that time we also have to renovate an investment property we have just bought, travel to Melbourne for Christmas, and have a holiday to Lord Howe Island. It is going to be busy, busy, busy …

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