One of our favourite streets in Ubud is Jalan Goutama, which hosts many of the best and funky places to eat in Ubud. It is a smaller street, with not many cars travelling through due to the narrowness, and is a happening place with many tourists seeking some of the best eats in town. Our top picks include:

Warung Saya

Warung Saya

This is the smallest place in town, with seating only enough for about 6 at a stretch, with only two tables. It is a one-man show with delicious food from a minimal menu. Book ahead. (update: Warung Saya has moved to Jl.Sugriwa)

Biah Biah

A very Balinese experience, with small tapas plates to share or eat yourself. Very relaxed, and worth a visit.

Jalan Goutama in Ubud

Melting Wok

Run by a fabulously friendly French woman and her husband, the chef, who is from Laos. They cook up some amazing tasting Laotian food, another one to book ahead.

Melting Wok Ubud

There are many other places to eat, including Japanese from Toro Sushi, and Warung Bernadette with some fabulous artwork to peruse while waiting for food. This street is always changing, and is continually popping up interesting places to check out. It is THE place to be in Ubud for a feed day or night.

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  1. Hello…Thanks for visit Warung Saya in Jln.Gootama, Warung Saya moved to Jln.Sugriwa now.I hope to see you again at my new place,
    thanks & best regards,

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