Our Top 10 List: Favourite Food Experiences of Australia

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This list is our own personal top ten Food Experiences we have experienced in our travels around Australia, mostly from our 2008 around Australia trip. See also our favourite drinking experiences.

Food Experiences
1. Mildura Rio Grande

Sultanas from Mildura, VIC

We bought a bag of fresh saltanas from a roadside stall and have not stopped talking about them. If only we could drop back there and pick up some more.

2. Cowell Statues

Blue Swimmer Crabs from Cowell, Eyre Penisula, SA

We were given heaps of crabs by ourneighbours, which we made into an ommelette. Make sure you pass through the Eyre Peninsula at the right time of year when the crabs are running.

3. Childers Peanuts

Chilli and Lime Peanuts from the Humpy, Tolga, Atherton Tablelands, QLD

If only we could have out time again we would buy a bigger packet. Who would have thought that some chilli and lime peanuts could have such a lasting taste in our mouths.

4. Birds of Kangaroo Island

Halloumi Sheep’s Cheese from Kangaroo Island

Sheep’s cheese is one of Kangaroo Island speciality products. It was our first introduction to this type of cheese, and we can’t get enough it since.

5. South Australian Pie Floater

Pie Floater, Adelaide, SA

Pie Floaters are a uniquely dish found only in Adelaide, in South Australia. This dish comprises a meat pie turned upside-down in a bowl of thick pea soup. It is traditionally served with lashing of tomato sauce on top.

6. Flippers Hobart

Scollop Pie, Hobart, TAS

We are partial to the pie, and particularly anyting a bit different (see pie floater above). The Tasmanians have somehow become the experts at the Scollop Pie. It is not related to the Scollops from the fish and chip shops of Perth with are just potato cakes.

7. Cowell Oysters

Oysters from Cowell, Eyre Penisula, SA

When on the Eyre Peninsula you cannot miss a dozen oysters or so, particularly at the wholesale prices.

8. Port Douglas Birds Habitat

Breakfast with the birds, Port Douglas, QLD

At the Rainforest Habitat just outside of Port Douglas you can enjoy ‘Breakfast with the Birds’, a buffet breakfast inside the bird enclosure, which means that you have to share your table with some of them. This was very enjoyable, particularly for Olive, except when the birds started eating the food off our plates and drinking from our cups! There was a great spread of exotic tropical fruits.

9. Bread Shop

Bread from Colton on the Eyre Peninsula, SA

Freshly baked bread from a roadside serve yourself wood-fired bakery. Honesty pays!

10. Carwell Pies

Tropical Fruit Farm Tour, Cape Tribulation, QLD

At Cape Tribulation Clare visited an Exotic Fruit Farm for some tastings and a tour of the orchard. It was delicious, trying many fruits, some of which had never been heard of before. One, called Black Sapote, tasted like chocolate fudge, the flesh had the creamy consistency of avocado, was brown like chocolate, and sweet like fruit – very interesting.

* Food Experiences just missing out on the top 10 are: Cardwell Pies (Cardwell, QLD), Ginger Factory (Buderim), Barramundi from the Wharf, NT

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