Our Top-10 List: Favourite Unusual Things of Australia

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This list is our own personal top-ten most interesting “Unusual Things” we have seen in our travels around Australia, many from our 2008 around Australia trip. , though every time we go somewhere we are sure to come across something unusual – this is Australia!

[updated in Oct 2020 with Shell Beach and the Leaning Tree]

1. Shell Beach, Shark Bay WA

Shell Beach Shark Bay

This beautiful snow-white beach in the shark bay region of Western Australia is made up of billions of tiny shells up, buried up to 10 metres deep.

2. The Big Gumboot, Tully QLD

Tully, Queensland, Australia

The big gumboot in Tully Queensland is just one of the more unusual big things that are strewn across Australia. See our big list of big things of Australia for more unusual big things.

3. Paronella Park, Mena Creek QLD

Paronella Park Castle Queensland

Located in Mena Creek, Queensland, Paronella Park are the ruins of a ambitious attempt to build a medieval castle in the Australian tropics. This is also one of our favourite breakfast spots in Australia.

4. Pink Lake, Port Gregory WA

Pink Lake WA

We stopped at the Pink Lake near Port Gregory on the way back from a trip to Kalbarri, Western Australia. It really is very pink.

5. UFOs of Wycliffe Well, NT

Wycliffe Well in the Northern Territory

UFOs have been sighted around the small town of Wycliffe Well in the Northern Territory

6. Leaning Trees, Greenough WA

Greenough Leaning Tree

There are many leaning trees in the area of Greenough near Geraldton Western Australia, which have grown like this because of the prevailing southerly winds

7. Queen’s Steps, Cooktown QLD

Cooktown, Queensland, Australia

These steps in Cooktown Queensland go to nowhere, and there are no signs to explain why.

8. Penguin Rubbish Bins, Penguin TAS

the big penguin Tasmania

In the town of Penguin in Tasmania, home to the Big Penguin, everything is penguin themed, even the rubbish bins.

9. Plane refueling on the Nullarbor SA

Nullarbor plane refueling

It is not every day you see a plane pushed into the service station to get refuelled.

10. Underground Houses, Coober Pedy SA

Coober Pedy underground church

Most people live underground in Coober Pedy due to the stifling heat above ground. Even there church is built underground.

* Some other unusual things that missed out on the top 10 are: coral beach (QLD), thong statues (Eyre Peninsula, SA), Salt Lake and Blue Lake (Mt Gambier SA), Nimbin Museum (Nimbin NSW), Skylab Museum (Balladonia), Moo Moo Cafe (Mooball NSW), Singing ship (Emu Park QLD).

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