Our Top 10 List: Favourite Unusual Things of Australia

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This list is our own personal top ten most interesting “Unusual Things” we have seen in our travels around Australia, mostly from our 2008 around Australia trip.

Unusual Things
1. Big Boot, Tully

Big Gumboot

One of the more unusual big things that are strewn across Australia.

2. Wycliffe Well UFOs

UFOs of Wycliffe Well, NT

3. Moo CAFE

Moo Moo Cafe, Mooball, NSW

Everything cow-ish

4. Nimbin Museum

Nimbin Museum, Nimbin, NSW

Offers of drugs in public

5. Queens Steps

Queen’s Steps, Cooktown, QLD

These steps go to nowhere

6. Paronella Park

Paronella Park, QLD

Ruins of a Medieval Castle in the Australian Tropics, very unusual to see these european style castle ruins in northern Queensland.

7. Penguins

Penguin Rubbish Bins in Penguin, TAS

8. Nullarbor Plane refuelling

Plane refueling on the Nullarbor, SA

9. Blue Lake Mt Gambier

Blue Lake, Mt Gambier, SA

Yes, very blue. BUt not all year round

10. Singing Ship

singing ship, Emu Park, QLD

* Unusual Things just missing out on the top 10 are: coral beach in QLD, shell beach in WA, underground places in Coober Pedy (SA) , thong statues (Eyre Penisula, SA), Salt Lake

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