Our last newsletter announced our upcoming two-month big adventure travelling around Australia, which was subsequently very short-lived thanks to COVID19. Not long after we hit the road Australia (and the rest of the world) was quickly shutting down and we had to head back to Western Australia before the border was fully closed. We lasted just two weeks of our planned two months away. In true TravelLife style, we packed a lot in that time and it was a memorable trip for many reasons.

Now we are back home we have had time to reflect on that trip, reassess our priorities, and plan for the future. We would like to complete our trip, but who knows when that will be possible. We also feel the need to travel again and reconnect with the world which will be severely impacted by the global shutdown, particularly areas of south-east Asia which have been where we often travel to.

Australian Bight
a different view of the Great Australian Bight

Travelling from Home

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean that travel is out of our minds. We have kept our interest in travel by checking out a few virtual tours of tourist destinations, like this one of Petra. We even had a campout in the back yard. Most of all, we have been planning our next adventures, now we just have to wait until the borders are open and we are free to explore again.

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Whakarewarewa Maori village

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Kids in the Window

While we were on a four-week holiday to South Africa in 2016, we had the opportunity of a quick visit to the landlocked country of Swaziland.

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets”

Oscar Wilde

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Flashback Photo!

Paddling in the Meekong

We went on our ‘Tour of Vietnam’ as the first trip together as a couple, way back in 2001. One month, travelling from south to north, overland. What a wonderful trip it was, and it clearly planted the seed of travelling together, which has continued with our growing family for nearly 20 years. Read our Letters from Vietnam.

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