Due to our frequency of eating out as a family in Ubud, finding child friendly places is a priority. There are certainly not enough of these dining options around. It has taken us months to discover the following restaurants which cater specifically for kids as well as adults. These are our favourites, and not in any particular order.

Pizza Bagus

pizza bagus
Building blocks at Pizza Bagus

How many kids don’t like pizza? And the pizzas at Pizza Bagus are delicious (“bagus” is Indonesian for “good”). It is definitely our preferred option for pizza delivery (as they also have pasta and good Indonesian food), but they taste even better when fresh out of the oven at the restaurant. For kids they have a pile of blocks that keep them entertained for a while, plus some paper and crayons for drawing. For older kids there is a futsal table and dart board. There is usually sport playing on the TVs. It is located on Jl. Raya Pengosekan, web: www.pizzabagus.com

Sopa at the Garden

garden playground
Sopa Garden’s Garden

This relatively new place near us on Jalan Nyuh Kuning has a large grassy area with swings, and a play area with lots of blocks. It is vegetarian Japanese inspired food, which is OK but not great.  Sopa is Indonesian for soup, so you can try a great variety of soups. The kids usually have a milkshake or juice. The space is surrounded by shops great for grownups, but also a place that the kids can paint ceramics at. The original Sopa restaurant on Jalan Sugriwa also has a play area for kids. http://www.warungsopa.com/

play at sopa
Play pen at Sopa Garden


Upstairs TV room at Tutmak

Tutmak is an expat favourite in prime position located next to the soccer field in the centre of town. There is a good range dishes, including kid friendly western items. The toasted sandwiches, pancakes and smoothies are our favourites. You could sit on the balcony watching the kids run around on the grass, otherwise there is a very quiet upstairs area with a TV. There is also a baby change table available, a rare find in Ubud. web: www.tutmak.com

Warung Hana

warung hana
Indoor playground at Warung Hana

Why did we take so long to find this place? Warung Hana is not fancy, and located on a noisy main road, but the staff are very friendly and the food inexpensive and really tasty. They have some kids meals on the menu which come with a side of vegetables instead of chips. The indoor play area is not the cleanest ever, but fun to play on. There is a box of toys which quickly get scattered on the floor. Upstairs is a quieter area with a pool table.  It’s a little out-of-town on Jl. Raya Goa Gajah in Teges. web: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Warung_HANA

kids meal
Kid’s meals at Warung Hana

Paula’s Rice Terrace Cafe

paula rice terrace
Great views at Paula’s

Also a little out-of-town is Paula’s Rice Terrace Cafe which has amazing views from above a valley with rice fields. The menu includes quite a few tapas, of which many are suitable for the kids. There is a box of toys and some books to read.  The service is very friendly.  Just make sure the kids don’t climb on the balcony fence, as it’s a big drop below! Located a few kms along Jalan Suweta. web: https://www.facebook.com/PaulasRiceTerraceCafe

Bali Buda

bali buda
Playpen at Bali Buda

Bali Buda is a long time favourite restaurant for tourists. There is a great play area and pencils are supplied with drawings to colour in. It can be difficult to get up the stairs if you have a pram. There is a large range of healthy food, and a few options for kids. It is located on Jl Jembawan (across from the Ubud Post Office). web: www.balibuda.com

drawing at buda
Drawing paper and pencils supplied at Bali Buda


Play space at Sjaki-Tari-Us

Sjaki-Tati-Us is hidden in the corner of the Ubud soccer field, just along from Tutmak. The food is not that great, basic Indonesian meals, but still worthwhile as eating here supports their education program for mentally disabled children. Just next to the eating area the kids can play in the school’s activity area including balls, or they could run about on the footy field.  web: www.sjakitarius.nl


That’s all the restaurants so far that we have found who specifically cater for kids. There are a few other places to eat around Ubud that are also good to take kids. Other recommended restaurants include Cafe Wayan (room to run about in the garden) and Taco Casa (kid friendly food, and pencils available). If you know of any others, we would love to know.

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  1. This is a great guide, thank You! We are heading to Indonesia soon with our 2 and 4 year olds who LOVE playgrounds. I’ll be checking out all of these places.

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