World Top-10 List: Our favourite travel photographs from our trips around the world

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This list is our own personal top-ten favourite photos that we have taken during our travels, mainly from our trip around the world in 2005.

church in alicante spain

We have seen so many churches in our travels and most photos struggle to capture the grandness and serenity of these places. The outside of this church, the Co-cathedral of Saint Nicholas of Bari in Alicante, Spain, was nothing special. But inside, this image caught the sun shining through the dome windows adding that extra something to another church photo.

colourful ladies of alicante spain

These ladies were waiting for a street parade in Alicante Spain to pass them by, and made a great photo of them sitting in front of three large headed ladies.

National Park Rincon de la Viejo

We were enjoying a nice waterfall in a National Park in Costa Rica (Rincon de la Viejo) when this crab reared up just wanting its photo taken.

Egyptian Tomb

The light shining through a small hole in the ceiling of this Egyptian tomb somehow made us feel like we were on the set of an Indiana Jones movie.

Central Park New York

A great view over Central Park of the New York skyline from on top of the Museum of Modern Art.

Slovenia Lake

This peaceful shot of a lake in Slovenia captured perfectly the serenity we were feeling.

Prague Square

For us Prague in the Czech Republic was about Architecture, and this night photo in the main square is a perfect memory of that.

Atrani Coast

This photo is taken along the coast, near Amalfi in Italy.

Florence Statue

This dramatic statue in Florence Italy is even more dramatic with the unusual angle and night lighting.

Children of India

Amongst all the hassle in India, the innocent and curious kids are very rewarding. We were walking along the quiet back streets in a small town in the centre of India, and it did not take long for a group of school children to follow us.

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