Our Top-10 List: Unusual Place Names of Australia

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This list is our own personal top ten unusual town or other place names we have come across in our travels around Australia, mostly from our 2008 around Australia trip.

1. 1770, QLD

1700 town

A relaxed seaside town with an identity issue, as it can be known as just ‘1770’, ‘Seventeen Seventy’ or ‘Town of 1770’.

2. Innaloo, WA


A suburb of Perth, which is now just a few minutes drive from where we are living.

3. Smoko, VIC


A town near Bright, we did not stop.

4. Tin Can Bay, QLD

Tin Can Bay

Dolphin feeding is its claim to fame.

5. Hat Head, NSW

South West Rocks

A National Park near South West Rocks in NSW

6. Coffin Bay, SA

Coffin Bay

Nothing to do with Coffins they say, named after a guy named Mr Coffin.

7. Booti Booti, NSW


A National Park near Forster in NSW. Shake it.

8. Devil’s Marbles, NT

Devils Marbles

Collection of boulders. A place not a town, and worth a stopover.

9. Yeppoon, QLD


Yippee Yepoon!

10. Three Ways, NT

Coober Pedy

Which way to go? Not a very imaginative name, it is a roadhouse at a T-junction, so from here there are ‘three ways’ to go.

* missing out on the top 10 are: Tinaroo (QLD), Quorn (SA), Tea Gardens (NSW), Coober Pedy (SA)

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