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Is it too much to ask for a beer in every country I visit? It is not that I drink a lot of beer, but when I am travelling it is one thing that I always make an effort to do, partly to sample something unique about the country I am visiting, and also to sit and relax, usually after a busy day of seeing the sights. Our collection of photos of us in every country we have visited has quite a few of us drinking, not that we have a problem, it’s just that we were on holiday and that is one thing we may do to relax.

Let’s see if I can find a photo of me drinking a beer in every country I have visited, all 45 of them. So far I have found photos of me and a beer in over thirty countries, which I think is reasonable. Here they are, starting from the most recent. I hope to keep adding to this article as our world travels continue.

Indonesia (Bali) 2024

Bali Beer

Vietnam 2023

Rob in Vietnam
The weather was stinking hot every day we were in Vietnam, so beer drinking weather of course. This local beer on Cat Ba Island cost only 60c, as cheap as it gets.

Thailand 2019

A hot evening in Phuket Town, Thailand, perfect for a beer. The front steps of our restored shophouse in the old part of town was the perfect place to sit, as other tourists walked past to take a photo of our hotel (and me!).

New Zealand 2019

Having a beer on our first night in Queenstown at the casual Perky’s Floating Bar, a low-budget bar moored at the pier with brilliant views.

Sri Lanka 2018

Marrissa Beach in the south of Sir Lanka. Nothing beats sitting at a beachside bar with a cold one and your toes in the sand. I’m also able to keep an eye on the kids swimming at the same time (that’s them in the background).

Belgium 2017

Having a beer in Belgium in 2017
It was not hard finding a picture of me having a beer in Belgium. There were so many good beers for us to taste – and big glasses too!

The Netherlands 2017

Having a beer in Haarlem The Netherlands
A set-up photoshoot outside our accommodation in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Spain 2017

Having a beer in Seville Spain
Having an Estrella Del Sur (a European Pale Lager style beer) in Seville. The beer name translates as Southern Star.

Portugal 2017

Admiring a beer in Portugal
I had many Super Bocks (love the name) in Portugal, but this is not one of them.

Switzerland 2017

Having a beer in Switzerland
Refreshing as the view, the Swiss Alps from the village of Mürren.

Corsica 2017

Having a beer in Corsica
OK, this is not another country, as Corsica is officially part of France, but I include it here in support of our friends on the island who would like to be independent.

Italy 2017

Having a beer in Italy
Birra Moretti in Italy

Greece 2017

Having a beer in Athens Greece
Mythos in Greece

Swaziland 2016

Having a beer with Clare in Swaziland
I’m not in this photo, but my beer is!

South Africa 2016

Having a beer in Durban South Africa
One of the many beers to celebrate my 50th birthday (from the pier in Durban, South Africa)

Singapore 2014

Having a beer in Singapore
the ubiquitous Tiger Beer

China 2013

Having a beer at the Outside Inn in China
At the Outside Inn

Nepal 2012

Having a beer in Nepal while helping to build a house for a local family in Dulikel with for Habitat for Humanity.
Everest Beer, what else would you drink in Nepal?

Indonesia 2012

Having a beer in Lombok, Indonesia
Living in Bali for a year meant many Bintangs

Japan 2011

rob drinking a beer from our trip to Takayama, Japan May 2011
Enjoying a Japanese beer, bought from a vending machine at the backpackers

Malaysia 2010

Having a beer in George Town, Penang, Malaysia
At a food market in Penang, Malaysia

Laos 2006

Having a beer while floating down a river in Laos
River tubing in Vang Vieng and having a relaxing beer (after crazily jumping in on a rope swing)

Cambodia 2006

Having a beer in Cambodia
An appropriate name for a beer in Cambodia, goes down well with fried spiders!

India 2005

Having a beer in Goa India
Having a dark larger in the hippy hangout of Goa

England 2005

Having a beer in England
Where else to enjoy a beer in England than in a small country village by the side of a canal.

Germany 2005

Having a beer at Oktoberfest in Germany
Oktoberfest – what more can I say

The Czech Republic 2005

Having a beer in the Czech Republic in 2005
Great beers in the Chech Republic, and cheap too.

Italy 2005

Having a beer in Italy
Having a sneaky wine at Palio in Siena, Italy

France 2005

Having a beer in Avon, France
Avignon in the south of France

Egypt 2005

Having a beer in Egypt
Not a lot to do in Dahab, on the Red Sea in Egypt.

USA 2005

Having a beer in San Diego USA
Back in the day when I did not follow the rules. I am more responsible now.

Mexico 2005

Having a beer in Mexico

Belize 2005

Having a drink in Belize
Drinking on the sailboat on the way back from a snorkelling trip.

Honduras 2005

Having a beer in Honduras

Costa Rica 2005

Having a drink in Costa Rica

Vietnam 2001

cruising in Halong Bay

India 1999

Having a Christmas drink in the’dry’ town of Hampi in India.

Mexico 1995

How Mexican is this, having a Corona while visiting Isla Mujeres, a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea, 13 kilometres off the coast from Cancún.

USA 1995

On a Suntrek tour of the USA, a few beers had

Australia (home!)

Beer in Australia
inspiring a new generation of beer drinkers


Unfortunately, there are still quite a few countries without an image of me drinking a beer. I’m sure I did have one though …

Here are the photos I am missing:

  • Morocco 2017
  • Vatican City 2017 -there are no bars there!
  • Phillippines 2014
  • Canada 2014
  • Thailand 2006
  • Hong Kong 2005
  • Poland 2005
  • Hungary 2005
  • Slovenia 2005
  • Austria 2005
  • Turkey 2005
  • Guatemala 2005
  • Nicaragua 2005
  • Hong Kong 2002

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