Our Top 10 List:

Natural Attractions

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This list is our own personal top ten based on what we have seen and experienced in our travels.


1. Amalfi Coast Italy Amalfi Coast
2. Semuc Champey, Guatemala Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Those that know of this secluded place call it the eighth wonder of the world. The most beautiful steps of turquoise cascading rock pools, next to a raging river that flows underground through a sort of natural rock bridge. We also hiked for a half hour directly up the side of the hill to a lookout, for a birds eye view of this natural wonder. Not to be outdone, nearby are some great caves which we explored by candlelight while wading through water and climbing through narrow cracks.

3. Grand Canyon Grand Canyon, USA
4. Turkey Rock Formation Goreme Fairy Chimneys, Turkey
5. Rock formations at Bryce Canyon USA Bryce Canyon, USA
6. Corsica Island The Chalanches, Corsica France
7. Yosemite National Park great view Yosemite National Park, USA
8. Halong Bay in the North of Vietnam Halong Bay, Vietnam
9. Caves in Laos Caves at Vang Vieng, Laos

We walked though the lovely surrounding countryside, past a couple of villages set among the limestone cliffs. Our first stop was 6km away, a large cave with a refreshing creek for swimming. Back towards town, after a noodle soup lunch in the village, we came across another, lesser known cave. We had to walk across some rice fields for about 1km, where a guide met us, and took us through a narrow, dark, slippery, and muggy cave, wearing headlamps to light the way – it was very exciting. The obligatory dipping pool out front of the cave was just what we needed after that.

10. Lago de Antitlan, Guatemala Lago de Antitlan, Guatemala

Located in Panajachel (Pana to the locals), an ex-hippie hang out from the seventies. There are lots of tourists in this town, but like us they were there for the beautiful lake (Lago de Antitlan). It is 10 km across and surrounded by mountains which run steeply down to the water´s edge.

* just missing out on the top 10 are: the Red Sea reef Egypt, Death Valley USA, Copper Canyon Mexico

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