Indian Squirrel
Rob after his head shave in India

For a male, getting a facial shave in any third world country is a memorable experience.

A highlight of any male’s trip to India is getting a shave at a street-side barber shop. Usually it is well needed after a few days on the road.

Once you are assured that the blade is a clean and new one (look out of the corner of your eye to make sure), you can relax while the barber goes to work with the razor. It is a luxury to get someone else to perform this daily service. You melt into the comfortable chair with the unique smells and sensations of the hot towels warming and softening the skin. The barber packs your face full of soapy lather, and the blade goes to work, the barber’s swift movements of the sharp blade across your face make you hope his hand is steady.

After the shaving job is completed, just when you thought it was all over, you get a nice application of tonics and aftershave lotions. If that wasn’t enough, you then often get a great face and neck massage, and just to finish it off a nice little neck re-alignment. Not bad for just over $1. For that price, any budget traveler will not have second thoughts about getting a shave.

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