Picnics in the Cape Winelands

At first, we thought that heading to the highly recommended wine region near Cape Town would not be very interesting for the kids. In the end, we thought what the hell we’ll go anyway, we need to factor in some adult time on our month-long trip to South Africa! We flew into Cape Town from […]

Favourite Drinking Experiences of Australia

Our Top 10 List: Favourite Drinking Experiences of Australia [ more Top-10 Lists ] This list is our own personal top ten Drinking Experiences we have had in our travels around Australia, and they do not just involve alcohol! See also our favourite food experiences. Drinking Experiences 1. Clare Valley Reisling Cycle Trail 2. Bundaberg Factory […]

Please Support Sjaki-Tati-Us

Sjaki-Tari-Us is an education program for special needs children, particularly mentally disabled children, based in Bali. One of their main projects is the Sjaki-Tari-Us school and restaurant is hidden in the corner of the Ubud soccer field, just along from Tutmak, and the CP Lounge. You can support their projects by eating here. There is a nice […]

Bali Coffee In Many Ways

For coffee drinkers travelling in Bali there are plenty of opportunities to get your caffeine fix, however you need to be aware that whenever you order a coffee you may not always get what you were expecting. Indonesia is well known as a quality producer of coffee, though whether the good stuff makes it to the local market is unknown. […]