Babi Guling: Nose to Tail Eating

Babi Guling is a Balinese institution. The word is Indonesian and the literal translation is ‘Rolling Pig’. Otherwise called Roast Pig or Suckling Pig.  The word being Indonesian is unusual as most of Indonesia is Muslim and they don’t eat pork! So this delicacy is only found in Bali (and a couple of other small non-Muslim areas). It is a must […]

The Bali Diet

As expected, our diet while living as expats in Bali has changed significantly from back home in Australia. From a dietitian’s perspective, the change in diet is both good and bad. The positive aspect is that we are exposed to such a huge array of different and amazing foods, that it broadens the range of food […]

The Food of Nicaragua

A common Nicaraguan meal that you will find throughout the country often includes a meat portion such as chicken or pork, deep-fried plantains (platanos), rice and beans (gallo pinto) and a cabbage salad. Many people may find that Nicaraguan food is very oily. However, do not let it scare you off from trying some of their delicious and […]