Our World Top 10 List: Most Memorable Sunsets & Sunrises

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This list is our own personal top ten based on what we have seen and experienced in our travels, mostly from our year long trip around the world in 2005. It is the same sun that sets and rises wherever you are in the world, but the where you are and what you are doing can make some of them extra special.

1. Caye Caulker Sunset Caye Caulker, BelizeEvery sunset was spectacular on the island of Caye just off Belize City. With a bit of rum and reggae music in the air you can’t go wrong in this laid back paradise.
2. Sunset at the Roman Ruins Assos, TurkeyAssos is a small rarely visited town on the Turkey coast. On top of the hill is some Roman ruins which we had practically to ourselves watching the sun set.
3. sunset in guatemala Lake Attilian, GuatemalaSeeing this huge lake for the first time took our breath away. At the end of a hot day, there were plenty of quiet beer shops to sit back and watch the sun go down.
4. Playa Del Carmen Playa Del Carmen, MexicoWe picked up a six pack of Mexican beer, sat on a log and watched everyone packing up from their day at the beach.
5. Ferry sunsetting Mediterranean FerryWe were on our way across the Mediterranean to the French island of Corsica on an overnight ferry. The sunset was great with not a piece of land in sight.
6. from atop Mt Sinai Mt Sinai, EgyptWe left from Dahab in the middle of the night, with a long hike up the mountain in the dark to watch the sun come up, and it did not disappoint.
7. On the Ganges Varanasi, IndiaAn early morning rise for a ride on a row boat along the Indian holy river Ganges
8. Sam Desert Sand Dunes Rajasthan, IndiaAt our camp site in the sand dunes, our first night out on the camel safari, we were not surprised to see a small boy ride up on a camel with a pack full of beer to sell.
9. Beer Lao in Laos Vang Vien, LaosThey say it is the best beer in the world, and some of the places in Laos are just perfect to sit back and enjoy a Beer Lao.
10. Red Sea Sunset Dahab, EgyptIt was great watching the sun go down over this quiet bay on the Red Sea after a day of snorkeling.

* Just missing the top 10: sunset over San Fran from Alcatraz Island, Venice canals at sunrise

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