In Bali the weather provides a super hot and humid environment, the perfect excuse for cooling off at a fun water park.  The island of Bali does provide many options in this genre to choose from. So after you have spent adequate time at the beach and in the hotel pool, it is time to explore some of the fun water parks that Bali has to offer. They are certainly not just an activity for the kids, they cater for all ages, so the whole family can have loads of fun cooling off to avoid the sweltering heat of Bali.

waterbom park kuta bali

Waterbom Park, Kuta

The biggest and best of the bunch is Waterbom Park in the centre of Kuta. They claim to be the #1 park in Asia and the #5 park in the World, as rated by TripAdvisor. We went there with my brother and his kids and we all had a fabulous time. You can start at 10am and finish at 7pm at night, so a full day is guaranteed, as there is plenty of rides to fill the day. The other option is to get a two-day pass so you can go back again on a second day, because if it’s a busy day with long queues there may be some rides you don’t get your fix from. This would have to be the only major downside, as it is can get busy in peak seasons.

waterbom water park
Enjoying a lazy river ride

Another negative is that you can not bring any food or drinks (including water) into the place. This I find unreasonable as it is not a cheap entry fee, and this adds to the cost of the day. There is however a very effective and convenient cashless system at work, where you wear a waterproof wristband and you load money onto it, and use it to pay at the many eating places located around. This saves any fiddly bothering with cash when you are dripping wet and hungry. It maximises your slide time really!!

It includes a fabulous surrounding, with a very lush backdrop, with weaving paths through to all the slides. There are heaps of activities and different options for the big, the small, the daring and also cautious swimmers. A great and exhausting day out.


Splash Water Park, Canggu

Another good water park is Splash Water Park, located at the Canggu sports club in Canggu, which also offers many fitness activities such as a gym, bounce (trampolines), a bowling alley, as well as tennis and other sports activities.

Canggu Splash is a cheaper option to Waterbom, but is still a pricey day out. It is smaller and better suited to younger kids. It has a few bigger slides which have a height limits, so our youngest wasn’t able to go on many things, except the fun kiddy pool area with little slides and a tipping bucket. He still had a wonderful time, as did the oldest who, without any lines, was able to go on all the slides over and over and over again! She loved it. However the height limit can be disappointing for some kids.

splash in Canguu

The same rule of ‘no food or drinks allowed’ applied, however the menu was not overly priced and was reasonable value. Another negative was that a couple of the big slides did not provide mats to go down with, so for the older members of our group this made it a very bumpy ride for the spine and elbows when they get hit on the way down.

Circus Water Park, New Kuta Green Park

There are a couple of other water parks that we didn’t get to, Circus Water Park and Kuta Green. By some reports, they may not be as well maintained and possibly not as safe, but being cheaper they are worth checking out. Being not as popular means no lines. The pictures online we saw make them look like it is still good fun, and would probably make for a good day out.

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