Walking the Campuhan Ridge

Campuhan Ridge Walk

There is a popular walking track in Ubud that we had been meaning to do for 6 months, but with kids who complain about a short walk up the street, the thought of a 2 hour hike in the heat was daunting. We knew we could not take the stroller, and accepted that there may be some child carrying required. So with this in mind, and drinks and snacks a plenty, we set off!

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Happy faces before the uphill start

Ideally you want to leave as early as you can to beat the heat, but we have no chance of that with three small kids. The beginning of the track was tricky to find, even with detailed directions we found online.

If you want to follow in our footsteps, here are some tips for you. To get to the start of the walk, head out of town along Ubud main road heading west, before the main bridge on your right you will see a sign for IBAH Hotel. If you are in a car park near here, otherwise walk or ride your motorbike into the hotel entrance, then take a road to the left that goes downhill. From there you need to walk, taking the path to the right, following the signs (as shown by Jetson in the photo below). Follow this path, past a temple, eventually leading you to the ridge.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

The sign pointing to the walking track

As you walk along the path meandering along the ridge it is easy to imagine you are miles away from town, it’s so quiet compared to the busy street you just left. The views are fabulous, and you can get a glimpse of rural Bali once more. The walk is mostly a stone path with a few logical stopping points under shady trees. You can see some dramatic housing on the steep ridge edges, including private homes and restaurants. As you get towards the end of the ridge there is the start of a little village, which signals you are close to the end of the walk.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Great views of rural Bali from the track

You might be surprised what else you will see along the way. We were lucky enough to see a bride and groom getting some wedding shots. A beautiful place for photos, but slightly hot for their attire!

Campuhan Ridge Walk

We were not the only ones that found the ridge walk appealing

Heading out early is the best time to go, as it is a little cooler, and less busy on the track, as there can be a few tourists doing the walk. If you choose to go during the late coolness of the day, take a torch as if it takes longer than you think you could find it hard to navigate the return in the dark. Either way take lots of water, as it can get hot.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

One rest stop

Many guides to the track list the end point as Karsa Cafe, which is a lovely place to end the walk, or turn back at. You can order a refreshing drink or a meal if you want. We chose to buy some fish food too for the kids to feed the fish. This is however, not the only place to stop, as there are a few other options starting to pop up just before and after Karsa Café.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

The Karsa Kafe, a comfortable end point of the walk

From the Karsa Café you can organise a lift back to Ubud, although it is not cheap. Otherwise, do as we did and turn around and walk back, though you will find it a lot easier if you don’t need to carry a child like we had to.

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