Nepal Day 9: Final Goodbyes

We have finished our week of building a house in Nepal. It was time for us to go our separate ways, sort of. I still had another day to explore Kathmandu, and others in the group had plans too.

Breakfast balcony
Breakfast balcony at the Hotel

Our bus back to Kathmandu was leaving 10am, which should have been enough time to get ready. However, after a tiring week of building, not to mention a few beers last night, I needed a little sleep in.

Most of us were on the bus back to Kathmandu. We were dropped off in Thamel and each went our separate ways, though planning to meet back together for lunch at the Fire and Ice Restaurant – where it all started over a week ago.

Window View

I had a stroll around Thamel with a few others of the crew, making a few more purchases to take home. We bumped into a couple of other friends as I wandered the streets, including Donna – who was not supposed to be here! She had missed her flight. Great, someone else to join us tonight.

View from my bedroom window in Kathmandu

A couple of girls left for home this morning, but the rest of us have organised to catch up again for dinner tonight in Kathmandu. Dinner at the Electric Padoga, including a bit of dancing ‘Gangnam Style’, then shots at the Jazz Bar (but no Jazz music!). This was definitely the final goodbyes. It was a little sad walking home alone in the dark along nearly empty streets at midnight. As we had all come from different states in Australia, it might be a while before we meet up again.

A rickshaw, the best way to get around Kathmandu
A rickshaw, the best way to get around Kathmandu

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